"Installing" Hippo BETA r26

How to compile and install Hippo. You can also report architectures (hardware and operating system) on which you managed to get Hippo running and discuss tuning options for performance.
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"Installing" Hippo BETA r26

Post by oliver » Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:34 pm

The package comes as a zip file with precompiled static binaries. The current I/O interface of hippo is very simple: It expects all its input files in the current directory. Thus, one typically makes a working directory, copies files (such as hippo_input.txt, pdbs, *.dat) into this directory and copies (or symlinks) the hippo executable there as well. Then one simply runs

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Depending on your CPU you will have to use the hippo or the hippo_p3 binary, and if you want to run in parallel, use the *_mpi version. More can be found on the wiki page on Installing Hippo.

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